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Magical entertainment for kids and their parents
Kids Parties

A magic show is ideal for children’s birthday parties and for many years I entertained children the way most children’s magicians perform, to the children while the adults sit back and chat.


But A child’s birthday party is a celebration for the whole family, not just for the birthday child and their friends. A time for the kids to have fun with each other AND with their parents and family members. A time for magical interaction with the people who love them the most. My show for children incorporates EVERYONE.


My children’s show is suitable for age 5 upwards. Every time I perform I plan carefully the tricks that I will be performing. Rather than turning up with a set of tricks that I perform at all parties, I plan the show according to age and ability of the audience. My show includes lots of audience participation and chances for the children to help out and get involved with the tricks, even doing some for themselves! But I also perform tricks where the kids work with adults to make the magic happen – and tricks where the adults work with the kids (Yes there is a difference).


For the kids my show will be bright, fun, engaging and at their age level but I will also include magic that will still entertain the kids but be baffling and mind blowing for the adults. A party is a celebration and I will add that extra touch of magic that will leave EVERYONE entertained and amazed.


Kids Magic Show
Kids Magic
Dean Kavanagh

D&N were fabulous. Communication was good and arrived a little early which is always a good thing.  Everybody was raving about him saying how nice he was and how impressed they were with his magic. He left them speechless. Very good value for money


This guy read my mind and unlocked my phone! If I had seen this on the television I would have thought a stooge had been used. Impossible but he did it.

M Andrews

Came across these guys at a wedding fair I attended at the Botanical Gardens in Birmingham. One of them mind read the date of our wedding and the other guy blew me away with a trick with a small cube. These guys are GOOD.

Dan Forbes

We used this company for an evening of mentalism. It was a fascinating evening with some very clever magic.

I watched D & N perform a couple years ago, the show was amazing from start to finish, they were both very professional and genuinely lovely guys! Can't wait to be able to see you perform again

Mel S
Lars Nilsson
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