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Drama and Maths Classes


Add a touch of magic to your school drama lessons. A magician visiting your drama class is fun and entertaining. We will do a short performance to warm up the room and chill out your students.  We will then teach a simple but amazing magc trick and teach the students how to perform the trick to an audience. We will teach audience control, misdirection and skills that every stage performer needs to command the stage. A real fun and unusual drama lesson that your students will love.



Why do we learn mathematics, stuff that we will never use in life? Who cares what X is?  How can a number matrix or number stack help you in life? Loads of magic tricks performed by world class magicians use simple mathematics to make the impossible happen right in front of their spectators eyes. An understanding of mathematics is an invaluable skill that will help you in your career and daily life. We will teach the students magic tricks that use math to achieve the miracle that we call magic. The mathematics teacher can go through the mathematical principles that makes the miracles happen.

Add a touch of magic to your drama and maths lessons

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