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Corporate events of all kinds
Corporate Events

We can undertake any kind of corporate work including store opening and open days. We also undertake team building workshops for your staff or entertain at your corporate parties.

Our Team Building Workshop


We start with an entertaining 45 minute magic show to get everyone relaxed, laughing and enthusiastic about learning some magic.


During a team building session we are able to teach groups of 5-20 people at a time, a magic or mind reading trick. In this way the team members bond within their group practicing their new found magical knowledge.  


They then enjoy entertaining and amazing another team with their  newly learnt magic trick. Everything is provided and they will have a trick that they can keep to entertain their friends. How many people have actually met and spoken to a real magician?


This will be a day to remember. Like in any business in order for a magician to be PROFESSIONAL he needs: PLANNING, PREPARATION, PRACTICE, & PERFORMANCE.

Why not give us a call and arrange a workshop for your staff?

Learn A New Skill

Encourages Collaborative Working

Teaches Time Management Skills

Builds Confidence and Self-Belief

Enhances Communication

Inspires and Motivates Staff

Why not use our magic and mind reading skills to teach this simple process to your staff?

D&N Magic
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